Pictures of Time

Memory is a powerful and essential thing that a person possesses. Without the ability to encode, store, and retrieve information, an individual is doomed to have no memories and stored information throughout his life. A person may even not able to determine his own identity and personality without memories. A person’s opinion on his personal identity is based undeniably on his memories. However, one may say that no single memory is necessary for an individual’s identity. This is because self-identity is perceived through time and a collection of memories shape this personal identity. Memories of family experiences, peer pressures, learned lessons, and even emotional trauma also help in developing a person’s personality.

In my twenty years of existence, I have generated a lot of experiences and the memories that came along with those. These experiences helped me to become the person I am now. I am shaped by the different criticisms and expectations of people around me. Since I was a child, family and friends generally count on my best potentials. There were times I had been successful and also times that I was not. Nonetheless, I continue to have the drive to achieve because past experiences dictate that I am more appreciated when I am successful in my endeavours. Especially in school, I am determined to succeed and finish my studies with flying colours.

But in line with this, I have also developed a certain fear on rejection and failure. It seems that I have grown to be a perfectionist and one who is allergic to mistakes and imperfections. Constant negative feedback by people around me since I was small tend to make feel that I am worthless when I fail or not able to reach their expectations. Sometimes I also have the tendency to become pessimistic and anxious on things because of this heterogeneous mixture of mental praises and censure I have acquired since.

Owing to the abilities of my memory, I am a fast learner. I can easily pick up lessons and absorb them right away given my full attention to the instructor, of course. My friends also consider me as an exhaustive story-teller. Whenever I talk with them about stories of the movies or television programs I have watched, I tend to narrate these with full details. What’s more, people close to me regard me as thoughtful and sentimental. I simply remember their birthdays or anniversaries and certainly not forget to greet them on these significant dates. Being sentimental, I keep special stuffs which I have encrypted memories of treasured persons and experiences.


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  1. Posted by Lea Pradilla on October 19, 2010 at 11:01 AM

    hey kristine,
    i enjoyed reading your entries. you got 14.86% on your blogs.

    ma’am lea


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