Desperate much?

Ang Baboy

By John Iremil Teodoro

Sugot takun nga mangin baboy
Kon ang tangkal ko ang mga butkon mo.
Basta damogan mo lang ako
Kang imo nga yuhum kag haruk
Aga, hapon.
Dali man lang ako patambukun.
Ang pangako mo man lang
Ang indi ako pagpabay-an
Amo ang bitamina nga akun
Kag kon gabii gani
Ang mga hapuhap mo man lang
Sa akun likod kag dughan
Ang makapahuraguk kanakun.

The poem tells about the need for tender loving care, protection, and romance. However, I think the underlying emotion that shaped the context of this poem is desperation for love. A pig is usually associated with concepts of dirt and stench; hence, it is subordinating, offensive, or derogatory symbol. Allowing oneself to be a pig, in this context, for someone who could give you the kind of affection one needs is low. I think that is a desperate act.

I can say that people of almost all ages have been desperate at least once in their lives. So, does it mean that desperate acts are acceptable and not terrible? For example during our immature years, it can be the slightest act of crying loudly across the room to desperately catch someone elseโ€™s attention. Likewise, it may be spotted as blatant desperate moves such as being needy to a lover or doing anything just to feel loved in return.

Desperate behaviour puzzles me because I cannot immediately grasp its essence, mechanism, and the mere nature of it. Also, I get confused when I think of the possible factors that help contribute to desperation, and the implications it gives.

Desperate people in love are usually the ones who keep on giving unrequited love. But, how are these desperate individuals motivated to act blindly and even go low to their standards or principles without a hundred percent assurance of the desired consequence like love or romance? In doing all they can and also allowing other people do anything to them in light of desperate measures, does one get satisfaction or just a waste of time, effort and ideals? Nevertheless, why do people become desperate for a guarantee of love?

What is desperation? Why be so desperate?

Is it all about finding happiness?

Is it about trying to fulfill or accomplish something?

Is it a manifestation of fear or sadness

or is it an expression of neediness or insecurities?

Is it an act of selfishness, selflessness, or both?

Is it a form of struggle or is it just an act of smuggle?


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  1. Posted by aydeekei on October 13, 2010 at 10:01 AM

    love the poem.


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