Warning: Maldita Panda on the Loose

Have you ever encountered such creature (referring to subject of title)?

I normally sleep around 10 to 11 P.M. because those are the times I usually get sleepy. My waking up time is around 6 to 7 A.M. When it comes to my biological clock, I am a neutral type of person. I am neither a morning person who has a shorter duration of biological clock, gets so perky in the morning and sleeps early nor an evening person who tends to be active at night because of his or her longer duration of biological clock.

School works, such as assignments, term papers, reports or presentations, and examinations, typically bombard my daily schedule. These tasks also disrupt my normal sleeping patterns. Especially when I cram on school works, which by the way has been my habit, I tend to sleep late. On worse circumstances, I sometimes even pull an all-nighter just to finish them all even though it would cost my sleeping hours.

I am quite used to this problem of deficiency in my sleeping hours for the sake of my studies and my passion for it. Likewise, I tend to sleep late if I have the time to do unnecessary habits like online surfing and movie or TV series marathons, and also if I went out the whole night for parties or other friendly gatherings. Nevertheless, I cannot deny the occurrence of several side effects whenever my sleeping pattern has been violated.

To highlight these consequences, the button to my maldita mood is switched on when I don’t get enough sleep. This adverse disposition is characterized by a short supply of patience and kindness, high degree of irritability, and anger or outbursts even on petty things.

Other than being mean or cruel to others (maldita), I physically look different when I am sleep-deprived. Dark circles surround my tired eyes, worse is when my face resembles that of a panda. Also, some zits show up on my face.

Just like other persons who lack sleep, I experience lack of alertness, focus, and concentration, impaired motor coordination, and poor decision making. I also frequently have headaches when I lack sleep, that type of headache where you feel something “major major” painfully pounds your head.

The next time you see a maldita panda on the loose do not fear. It is just me who craves sleep like water to my thirst and food for my hunger. Your understanding will be highly appreciated.


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